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$("#body-bs").prepend ('<h2> Welcome to ' + location.hostname +' </h2>');
<p class = "info">
Here you can test your own web connection or connection to the outside world,
or find statistics for quality online between the beacons.
The Beacons are typically close to the access link to UNINETT in an institution and are running tests
among themselves over UNINETT and also offers the opportunity to be tested against.
See more about <a class="btn btn-default" href=""> the beacons </a>.
(Note that some of the services are closed and require login.) </p>
<div class = "col-lg-12 gutter uninett-padded uninett-color-lightBlue">
<h3> Services on this beacon </h3>
<p> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href="/mp-web/rute/"> Traceroute</a> shows the route the traffic follows from the beacon towards you.
<p> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href="/mp-web/yt/"> Yt </a> measures how fast you can transfer data between you and the beacon. Simple and user friendly.
<p> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href="/mp-web/iperf/"> Iperf </a> measures the performance of the beacon with another measure pole or machine with Iperf. </p>
<!-- - Ok discontinued due to bad TCP
<p> <a href="/mp-web/ndt/"> NDT details (Network Diagnostic Tool) measures the performance of your client against the beacon - it is more technical. </p>
<p> <a href="http://fou1:8000/"> Pathdiag diagnose network connection between your computer and the beacon. </p>
<p> <a href="#"> Pathload </a> estimate available bandwidth from the beacon and the destination you specify. </p>
<div class = "col-lg-12 gutter uninett-padded uninett-color-lightGreen">
<p> <h3> Common statistics and other measurement beacons </h3>
<p> <table> <tr> <td> <b> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href=> See map</a> </b> of other measurement beacons or
<td> <span id = tr_button> <div id=busy> <img src=images/ajax-loader.gif> </span>
<script> make_select('tr_button', mp_url, 'Choose beacon'); $("#busy").hide(); </script>
<td> or key <td> <form name = "mp_form" id = "mp_form" onsubmit = "top.location.href = 'http: //'+document.mp_form.mp_name.value; return false;">
<Input id = "mp_name" value = "" placeholder = "measuring pole" title = "autofill measure bowline name"> </input>
</Form> <td> (Enter)
<!-- <div id = busy> <img src = ajax-loader.gif> Traceing route - please wait that privilidge 'hour * (1 + everyting)' seconds.
</div> -->
<p> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href=""> Mping</a> measures and presents roundtrip times and packet loss between a configurable set of machines. </p>
<p> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href=""> Multicast Beacon</a> is based on multicast probing. All the beacons regularly send packets to a common multicast group. All will thus receive such packets from all others. They record the time delay and possible loss of packets. The results of all measurements are presented in a matrix. Since the measurements are based on multicast, it is also designed to reveal any multicast problems in the backbone. </p>
<p> <a href="#"> ssmping</a> details measure connectivity to a freely elected measuring pole. You can choose between running ssmping (Source-Specific Multicast Ping) and asmping (Any Source Multicast Ping). </p>
<p> <a href="#"> NEMÛ </a> analyzes traffic that passes scorecard with the intent to uncover ongoing polymorphic virus attack. Nemu does this by executing each transaction as if it were an executable code and look for recognizable oppførse from polymorphic virus code. </p>
<p> <a href="#"> Appmon </a> analyzes traffic that passes scorecard and classifies traffic application respectively. Appmon are also able to classify applications that use varying TCP / UDP port numbers, and is thus superior NetFlow. Data are available through Stager, then bounded to the data you are authorized to see (eg. Your measuring pole). </p>
<p> <a href="" target=traceroutev> Nettvei map details Displays map where ip addresses along the route to the destination is.
<a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href=> More </a> information about UNINETTs measurement beacons.
<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="no">
<?php include 'head-bs.html'?>
<style type="text/css" title="currentStyle">
@import "/mp-web/js/jquery-ui-1.10.3/themes/base/jquery-ui.css";
<script type="text/javascript" src="/mp-web/js/jquery-ui-1.10.3/ui/jquery-ui.js"></script>
<link href="/mp-web/js/select2/select2.css" rel="stylesheet"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/mp-web/js/select2/select2.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/mp-web/js/mp-select.js"></script>
<?php include 'body-bs.html'?>
$("#title-bs").html('<a href="">Målepåle</a>'); // title
$('#body-bs').load("mp-web-bs.en.html"); // main body content
<ul id="top-menu-ul" class='nav navbar-nav'>
<li> <a href="/mp-web/index.en.php">Overview</a></li>
<li><a href="/mp-web/yt/">Bandwidth</a></li>
<li><a href="/mp-web/rute/">Route</a></li>
<li><a href="/mp-web/iperf/">Iperf</a>
<!-- ndt discontinued due kernel tcp problems
<li><a href="/ndt/">NDT</a></li>
<li><a href="">MPing</a></li>
<li><a href="">Multicast beacon</a></li>
<li><a href="/mp-web/index.php">På norsk</a>
<li><a href="/matrix/>Multicast beacon</a>"</li>
<li><a href="/appmon">AppMon</a></li>
<li><a href=><img src="/images/UNINETT_logo_t.png" alt="uninettlogo" /></a>
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