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# Qstream
Computes packet stream quality statistics for UDP/RTP from network or captured files (pcap)
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## Features

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Qstream is a tool to analyse the quality of media streams. It measures characteristics like packet jitter, loss and gaps, throughput and burstiness, as well as packet sizes. It can read realtime unicast and multicast flows via a socket or through PCAP or even read captured streams in PCAP format.

It can analyze RTP on jitter, sequence and timing errors and compute MOS. It analysis MPEG transport streams analysis as well as RTMP (FLASH) for timing, jitter and packet loss. It can also report jitter in log files made by rude/crude. Output can be in XML to easily interface other programs.

Qstream has scripts to put the data into [Stager]( for aggregation, reports and graphs.

## References

UNINETT do systematic Qstream analysis of SIP calls, multicast TV channels and IP multicast service announcements (SAP) and store the results in Stager. See [Stager frontend]( for open statistics.

The code was developed from in the Net::RTP distribution by Nicholas J Humfrey.

## Requirements

Qstream is implemented in Perl and needs a few extra protocol releated modules that might not be included in popular Linux distributions, like Net::RTP . They can be found at [CPAN](