Commit b0791944 authored by Sigmund Augdal's avatar Sigmund Augdal

refactor some very long lines

parent e87e614e
......@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ from nova_router import security_groups
APP = "nova_sg_configurator"
DESCRIPTION = "Configure ipset based on data from etcd"
IPTABLES_ANY = "-A FORWARD -m set --match-set {} dst,dst -j ACCEPT\n"
IPTABLES_CIDR = "-A FORWARD -m set --match-set {} dst,dst,src -j ACCEPT\n"
IPTABLES_SG = "-A FORWARD -m set --match-set {} src -m set --match-set {} dst,dst -j ACCEPT\n"
class Generator(object):
def __init__(self, cert, key, cacert, logfile=None):
......@@ -95,7 +99,8 @@ class Generator(object):
elif rule["source_type"] == "security_group":
source_group = rule["source_security_group"]
if not source_group in self.by_source_groups:
self.by_source_groups[source_group] = self.create_ipset("rules_by_source", "hash:ip,port", True)
setname = self.create_ipset("rules_by_source", "hash:ip,port", True)
self.by_source_groups[source_group] = setname
group_name = self.by_source_groups[source_group]
self.add_ipset_member(group_name, member, rule["protocol"],
......@@ -153,11 +158,14 @@ class Generator(object):
self.import_iptables("/etc/", iptables_output)
self.import_iptables("/etc/", ip6tables_output)
for family, output in (("inet", iptables_output), ("inet6", ip6tables_output)):
output.write("-A FORWARD -m set --match-set {} dst,dst -j ACCEPT\n".format(self.set_name("rules_from_any", family)))
output.write("-A FORWARD -m set --match-set {} dst,dst,src -j ACCEPT\n".format(self.set_name("rules_from_cidr", family)))
from_any = self.set_name("rules_from_any", family)
from_cidr = self.set_name("rules_from_cidr", family)
for group, ipset in self.by_source_groups.items():
output.write("-A FORWARD -m set --match-set {} src -m set --match-set {} dst,dst -j ACCEPT\n".format(self.set_name(self.group_members_groups[group], family),
self.set_name(ipset, family)))
source = self.set_name(self.group_members_groups[group], family)
dest = self.set_name(ipset, family)
output.write(IPTABLES_SG.format(source, dest))
#"cat", stdin=iptables_output, shell=True)
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