Commit c37c0c12 authored by Morten Knutsen's avatar Morten Knutsen

Merge branch 'library_group_changes' into 'master'

Also regenerate iptables ruleset when library groups change

See merge request !10
parents 245f1285 b75073e7
......@@ -353,8 +353,9 @@ class Generator(object):
waitIndex=index+1, timeout=0)
index = data.etcd_index # pylint: disable=E1101
key = data.key # pylint: disable=E1101,E1103
if not key.startswith("/nova/iaas/instances") and not \
if not key.startswith("/nova/iaas/instances") and \
not key.startswith("/nova/iaas/security_group") and \
not key.startswith("/nova/iaas/library_group"):
logging.debug("new config index %d", index)
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