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## Docs
- [Quick Start](docs/quickstart.md)
- [Installing Helm](docs/install.md)
- [Quick Start](docs/quickstart.md) - Read me first!
- [Installing Helm](docs/install.md) - Install Helm and Tiller
- [Kubernetes Distribution Notes](docs/kubernetes_distros.md)
- [Frequently Asked Questions](docs/install_faq.md)
- [Using Helm](docs/using_helm.md)
- [Using Helm](docs/using_helm.md) - Learn the Helm tools
- [Plugins](docs/plugins.md)
- [Developing Charts](docs/charts.md)
- [Developing Charts](docs/charts.md) - An introduction to chart development
- [Chart Lifecycle Hooks](docs/charts_hooks.md)
- [Chart Tips and Tricks](docs/charts_tips_and_tricks.md)
- [Chart Repository Guide](docs/chart_repository.md)
- [Syncing your Chart Repository](docs/chart_repository_sync_example.md)
- [Signing Charts](docs/provenance.md)
- [Chart Template Developer's Guide](docs/chart_template_guide/index.md)
- [Chart Template Developer's Guide](docs/chart_template_guide/index.md) - Master Helm templates
- [Getting Started with Templates](docs/chart_template_guide/getting_started.md)
- [Built-in Objects](docs/chart_template_guide/builtin_objects.md)
- [Values Files](docs/chart_template_guide/values_files.md)
......@@ -75,10 +75,11 @@ including installing pre-releases.
- [Wrapping Up](docs/chart_template_guide/wrapping_up.md)
- [Appendix A: YAML Techniques](docs/chart_template_guide/yaml_techniques.md)
- [Appendix B: Go Data Types](docs/chart_template_guide/data_types.md)
- [Architecture](docs/architecture.md)
- [Developers](docs/developers.md)
- [History](docs/history.md)
- [Glossary](docs/glossary.md)
- [Related Projects](docs/related.md) - More Helm tools, articles, and plugins
- [Architecture](docs/architecture.md) - Overview of the Helm/Tiller design
- [Developers](docs/developers.md) - About the developers
- [History](docs/history.md) - A brief history of the project
- [Glossary](docs/glossary.md) - Decode the Helm vocabulary
## Community, discussion, contribution, and support
# Related Projects and Documentation
The Helm community has produced many extra tools, plugins, and documentation about
Helm. We love to hear about these projects. If you have anything you'd like to
add to this list, please open an [issue](https://github.com/kubernetes/helm/issues)
or [pull request](https://github.com/kubernetes/helm/pulls).
## Article, Blogs, How-Tos, and Extra Documentation
- [Honestbee's Helm Chart Conventions](https://gist.github.com/so0k/f927a4b60003cedd101a0911757c605a)
- [Releasing backward-incompatible changes: Kubernetes, Jenkins, Prometheus Operator, Helm and Traefik](https://medium.com/@enxebre/releasing-backward-incompatible-changes-kubernetes-jenkins-plugin-prometheus-operator-helm-self-6263ca61a1b1#.e0c7elxhq)
- [CI/CD with Kubernetes, Helm & Wercker ](http://www.slideshare.net/Diacode/cicd-with-kubernetes-helm-wercker-madscalability)
- [The missing CI/CD Kubernetes component: Helm package manager](https://hackernoon.com/the-missing-ci-cd-kubernetes-component-helm-package-manager-1fe002aac680#.691sk2zhu)
## Helm Plugins
- [helm-tiller](https://github.com/adamreese/helm-tiller) - Additional commands to work with Tiller
- [Technosophos's Helm Plugins](https://github.com/technosophos/helm-plugins) - Plugins for GitHub, Keybase, and GPG
- [helm-template](https://github.com/technosophos/helm-template) - Debug/render templates client-side
- [Helm Value Store](https://github.com/skuid/helm-value-store) - Plugin for working with Helm deployment values
## Additional Tools
Tools layered on top of Helm or Tiller.
- [Chartify](https://github.com/appscode/chartify) - Generate Helm charts from existing Kubernetes resources.
- [VIM-Kubernetes](https://github.com/andrewstuart/vim-kubernetes) - VIM plugin for Kubernetes and Helm
- [Landscaper](https://github.com/Eneco/landscaper/) - "Landscaper takes a set of Helm Chart references with values (a desired state), and realizes this in a Kubernetes cluster."
- [Rudder](https://github.com/AcalephStorage/rudder) - RESTful (JSON) proxy for Tiller's API
- [Helmfile](https://github.com/roboll/helmfile) - Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts
- [Schelm](https://github.com/databus23/schelm) - Render a Helm manifest to a directory
## Helm Included
Platforms, distributions, and services that include Helm support.
- [Cabin](http://www.skippbox.com/cabin/) - Mobile App for Managing Kubernetes
- [Qstack](https://qstack.com)
- [Fabric8](https://fabric8.io) - Integrated development platform for Kubernetes
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