Commit 72dc088b authored by Tim Meusel's avatar Tim Meusel

add secret to .travis.yml

parent 99214546
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ deploy:
provider: puppetforge
user: puppet
secure: ""
secure: "cQdjbcwx+q/ArSkOtnxMYmlsWnJmyNEz7IUmpSx3F/z1ntX75/J3mJYFgYuvrOw2IbmmuwgVPofBpJjJajkhGOpaywOjKA6PgxKzSEu6e/q5CXJwMLnsDhHqY6X9bdGF5TU/DUkNzxBQlI7uDyk3yBVAACzLGMTCFksoztdlIbI="
tags: true
# all_branches is required to use tags
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