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[submodule "rude"]
path = rude
url =
FROM centos:centos7
MAINTAINER Yørn de Jong <>
RUN yum -y install tar make ruby-devel rubygems gcc rpm-build autoconf
RUN gem install fpm
ADD rude /usr/src/rude
WORKDIR /usr/src/rude
RUN autoheader autoconf/
RUN autoconf autoconf/ > configure
RUN chmod 755 configure
RUN ./configure --enable-wall --with-debug-lvl=3
CMD make rpm deb >&2 && tar c rude/rude{,.8} rude/rude*.{rpm,deb} crude/crude{,.8} crude/crude*.{rpm,deb}
# RUDE & CRUDE Builder
Docker container that builds RUDE & CRUDE executables and packages.
## Usage
git submodule init
git submodule update
docker build -t rude-build .
mkdir target
docker run rude-build | tar -x -C target
After running these commands, you'll find a target directory containing x86_64 binaries and RPM- and DEB-packages.
rude @ 81bb34b9
Subproject commit 81bb34b9bdd446c7b5fbc96bd94240542059344d
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