Commit f6418559 authored by Jørn Åne de Jong's avatar Jørn Åne de Jong
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Switch to "realtime" branch, add libpcap as dependency.

parent b08becb6
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......@@ -4,9 +4,11 @@ RUN yum -y install tar make ruby-devel rubygems gcc rpm-build autoconf
RUN gem install fpm
ADD rude /usr/src/rude
WORKDIR /usr/src/rude
RUN yum -y install libpcap-devel
RUN autoheader autoconf/
RUN autoconf autoconf/ > configure
RUN chmod 755 configure
RUN ./configure --enable-wall --with-debug-lvl=3
RUN make || { cd crude; gcc -O2 -Wall -I../include -lm -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -o crude main.o ../rude/mcast.o -lpcap; }
RUN make rpm deb
CMD tar c rude/rude{,.8} rude/rude*.{rpm,deb} crude/crude{,.8} crude/crude*.{rpm,deb}
rude @ 5b7a2e34
Subproject commit 81bb34b9bdd446c7b5fbc96bd94240542059344d
Subproject commit 5b7a2e342ae7c5d5dafeed95cd0f03126a492edb
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