Commit 33b61730 authored by Olav Kvittem's avatar Olav Kvittem
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buffersize error in packet generation

parent ba4bd438
......@@ -795,6 +795,10 @@ int read_cfg(FILE *infile)
if(sizeof(struct udp_data) > max_packet_size){
max_packet_size = sizeof(struct udp_data);
RUDEBUG7("read_cfg() - max_packet_size for udp_data set to %d\n",max_packet_size);
if(temp->params.cbr.psize > max_packet_size){
max_packet_size = temp->params.cbr.psize;
RUDEBUG7("read_cfg() - max_packet_size set to %d\n",max_packet_size);
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