Commit d5109756 authored by Olav Kvittem's avatar Olav Kvittem
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bug size and hoplimit swapped in print

parent b414a1ae
......@@ -1318,7 +1318,7 @@ static int rec_n_print(unsigned short port, unsigned long limit)
str1, ntohs(((struct sockaddr_in *)&src_addr)->sin_port), str2, port,
(unsigned long)ntohl(udp_ptr->tx_time_seconds),
(unsigned long)ntohl(udp_ptr->tx_time_useconds),
time1.tv_sec, time1.tv_usec, received_ttl, rec_bytes);
time1.tv_sec, time1.tv_usec, rec_bytes, received_ttl );
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
#define PMAXSIZE 32768 /* Maximum accepted UDP-data field/packet size */
#define MINDURAT 0.001 /* Minimum allowed flow duration in seconds (float) */
#define VERSION "0.9.1"
#define VERSION "0.9.2"
* Enumeration definition for different (known) flow types
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