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Current version is 0.70
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<STRONG>Hosted by:</STRONG><BR>
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<A href="">The project at SourceForge</A>
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<LI type="1"><A href="#intro">Introduction to RUDE & CRUDE</A>
<LI><A href="#install">Installation instructions</A>
<LI><A href="#guide">Operation guide and examples</A>
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<H2><A name="intro">1. Introduction to RUDE & CRUDE</A></H2>
RUDE stands for <STRONG>Real-time UDP Data Emitter</STRONG> and CRUDE for
<STRONG>Collector for RUDE</STRONG>. RUDE is a small and flexible program
that generates traffic to the network, which can be received and logged
on the other side of the network with the CRUDE. Currently these programs
can generate and measure only UDP traffic.<P>
These programs are a "side product" of the project
<A HREF="">Faster 2000</A> (former Faster Pro)
which concentrates on different QoS mechanisms in IP-networks. This means
that these tools were designed and developed for our own purposes so the
documentation is not yet complete and the operation is quite limited. On
the other hand the main goal was to build flexible and very capable set
of tools so if you have any wishes and/or contributions, please contact
the authors. Contact information is located on the bottom of this page.<P>
The operation and configuration might look similar to the other available
traffic generator tool called MGEN but these programs do not share any code.
Actually these tools were designed and coded bacause of the accuracy
limitations in the MGEN program. MGEN operates with system timers and
e.g. in the Linux kernel on PC-platforms the timer resolution is only 10ms.
That is pretty poor, so we decided to do our own traffic generator which
hasn't got this limitation.<P>
This set of programs is distributed under the
<A HREF="COPYING">GPL, Version 2</A>, which is also included in the source
code package (file: .../DOC/COPYING).<P>
<LI>13.09.2002 - Version 0.70:
<LI>Fifth public release
<LI>GUI: grude (by Rui Prior)
<LI>added missing file config.hin to ../rude/autoconf
<LI>26.06.2002 - Version 0.62:
<LI>Fourth public release
<LI>Work on GUI started (by Rui Prior)
<LI>A bug resulting in negative jitter fixed (by Georg Roessler)
<LI>#define SOL_IP IP_PROTOIP, u_char tos -> int tos (by Simon Leinen)
<LI>10.05.2001 - Version 0.61:
<LI>Third public release
<LI>A htonl-bug in crude fixed (by Ladislav Lhotka)
<LI>Also availble as a <A HREF="">RPM</A>
(by Ladislav Lhotka)
<LI>14.02.2001 - Version 0.60:
<LI>Second public release
<LI>A bug in the TRACE flow type fixed
<LI>Crude now supports simple runtime statistics (by Rui Prior)
<LI>New flow option TOS for rude (by Rui Prior)
<LI>Man pages
<LI>26.01.2000 - Version 0.50:
<LI>First public release
<LI>Compiles and works at least on Linux and Solaris 2.6 (with gcc)
<LI>2 flow types implemented: CONSTANT and TRACE
<LI>uses NON BLOCKING sockets
<LI>KNOWN BUGS: documentation is not yet complete...
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<H2><A name="install">2. Installation instructions</A></H2>
o Download the source code: <A HREF="">rude-0.62.tar.gz</A>
o Unpack the packet (GNU tar): tar zxvf rude-0.62.tar.gz
o Go to the programs directory: cd rude
o Configure the package: ./configure --enable-wall --with-debug-lvl=3
o Compile the programs: make
o Install the binaries: make install
o ...and you are ready to go.
The current documentation is available only in the source code subdirectory
".../DOC/". You should read it carefully before using these programs. The
documentation has also some configuration tips if you have problems with the
<A HREF="">I want to browse the old releases</A>.<P>
<STRONG>Although this software is considered free and we can not give you
any guarantees, we would like to hear from You if You find these programs
useful. We are also open to any suggestions considering improvements to
these programs.</STRONG><P>
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<H2><A name="tools">3. Operation guide and examples</A></H2>
These pages are still under construction and current documentation is
included only in the source code package. Download and uncompress the
package as instructed above (<A HREF="#install">Chapter 2</A>).<P>
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<ADDRESS>Juha Laine ,<BR>
Sampo Saaristo ,<BR>
Rui Prior ,</ADDRESS>
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