Commit bbfc8ec6 authored by Olav Kvittem's avatar Olav Kvittem
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small erroers i

parent d9e38f1b
......@@ -10,17 +10,21 @@ Scripts to run rude/crude, traceroute and collect results
apt install libpcap-dev
git clone -b realtime
compile and link up in dragonlab/bin
ln -s ~/rude/rude/rude .
ln -s ~/rude/crude/crude .
### Start polling when ready :
crontab dragonlab/etc/crontab.cfg
##on server
rsync -rvt dragonlab user@machine:
rsync -rvt dragonlab user@host:
Enter node in config files
* /dynga/dragonlab/script/mp-names.txt
* /dynga/dragonlab/script/rude-list.con
* /dynga/dragonlab/script/rude-list.conf
make config files for rude/crude and traceroute
......@@ -29,8 +33,11 @@ mkdir tmp
cd tmp
# get password-free code out there
rsync /dynga/dragonlab/script/authorized_keys oak@
rsync /dynga/dragonlab/script/authorized_keys user@host:.ssh
../server/script/rude-config-maker --list /dynga/dragonlab/script/mp-names.txt /dynga/dragonlab/script/rude-list.conf
edit azure-mp/start.conf setting crude_port 10000 because ms firewall transform 100001 to 10000
../server/script/rude-config-updater --list /dynga/dragonlab/script/mp-names.txt | sh -x
login to user@host from to approve host key before unattended scripts at nigth go
......@@ -22,6 +22,6 @@ while(<LIST>){
next if $target&& $target ne $name;
printf "env NAVN=%s LANG=C LC_ALL=C ssh %s@%s %s # %s\n", $name, ${uid},${ip}, $cmd;
printf "env NAVN=%s LANG=C LC_ALL=C ssh %s@%s '%s' \n", $name, ${uid},${ip}, $cmd;
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