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......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ def main(no_restart=False):
if snmp and snmp.upper() == "TRUE": snmp()
......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ def restartAndTest():
for IF in iIF.split(): shell("ifdown {0}; ifup {0}".format(iIF))
for IF in eIF.split(): shell("ifdown {0}; ifup {0}".format(eIF))
if multicast and multicast.upper() == "TRUE": shell("ifdown eth0:133; ifup eth0:133")
if multicast and multicast.upper() == "TRUE": shell("ifdown {0}:133; ifup {0}:133".format(eIF))
shell("/sbin/sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf")
if dns_server and dns_server.upper() == 'TRUE': shell("service bind9 restart")
if dhcp_server and dhcp_server.upper() == 'TRUE': shell("service isc-dhcp-server restart; service rsyslog restart")
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