Commit 434d9dfc authored by Morten Knutsen's avatar Morten Knutsen
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Supress edge label when metric equals default metric

parent 99aa1aaf
......@@ -38,9 +38,12 @@ def edge_labels(edges, edgegroups):
for (s,t,x) in el:
if (u,v) == (s,t):
if not (u,v) in edgedone:
m = str(int(x))
metric = int(x)
m = str(metric)
if metric == 10:
m = ""
if type.endswith("opath") and x != w:
m += "(%s)" % str(int(w))
m = "%s (%s)" % (str(int(x)), str(int(w)))
l = (i, m, type.startswith('main'))
labels.append((i, m, type.startswith('main')))
edgedone[(u,v)] = l
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