Commit aa8a8c8e authored by John Ferlito's avatar John Ferlito
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Revert "Take advantage of INSTPREFIX"

This reverts commit 91d31120.
parent 919ec5a6
......@@ -16,9 +16,12 @@ MOO=COW
# Use the broken installer
INSTPREFIX=debian/nfsen ./ etc/nfsen-dist.conf
./ etc/nfsen-dist.conf
# Remove the dist etc file
rm debian/nfsen/etc/nfsen/nfsen-dist.conf
# Cleanup the installed paths
for i in `rgrep -l debian/nfsen debian/nfsen`; do sed -i 's:debian/nfsen::' $$i; done
sed -i 's:$$BASEDIR = "";:$$BASEDIR = "/usr";:' debian/nfsen/etc/nfsen/nfsen.conf
# Move files around
mv debian/nfsen/usr/bin/ debian/nfsen/usr/bin/RebuildHierarchy
rm debian/nfsen/etc/nfsen/nfsen.d/dummy
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