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    Use a listen(2) backlog of 128. · 950306fc
    Linus Nordberg authored
    There's a chance that incoming (legitimate) connections arrive faster
    than what it takes to spawn a new thread and get back to
    listen(). Therefore we should ask the stack to queue at least one
    entry, i.e. use a backlog value of at least 1. There's arguable also a
    chance of more than two concurrent incoming connections, which would
    make a case for a backlog value greater than one.
    A reasonable high value seems to be 128, which also is what SOMAXCONN
    is on many unix systems. In the choice between 1 and 128, an argument
    against the higher value is that it may mask the potential problem of
    spending a long time serving incoming connections.
    Being reasonably confident that radsecproxy is efficient when it comes
    to serving incoming connections, by handing them off to a newly
    spawned thread, I think that 128 is a fine choice.
    Closes RADSECPROXY-72.